Friday, March 02, 2007

Age and Sex Tax Discrimination in India

Personal income tax rates in Inida ranges from 10% to 30% with the following interesting personal exemptions, by sex and age:

Men 110,000 rupees (about $2,500)

Women 145,000 rupees (about $3,300)

Senior Citizens 195,000 rupees (about $4,300)

Like being able to use the women's tees for golf, I guess there would also be a tax advantage for a man having a sex change operation in India! Carpe Diem from Bangalore!


At 3/02/2007 3:31 PM, Anonymous frybacon said...

So if I'm interpreting this correctly you are saying that if someone changed their name from Tommy to Tiffany and had their organ changed they would be eligible for the tax break?


At 3/02/2007 6:56 PM, Anonymous Walt G. said...

Just curious. Are the exemptions cumulative, or does the sex not matter when one reaches senior citizen status?

Maybe detachment at 25 and reattachment at 65? Let’s see: $800 per year times 40 years $32,000. Kind of like getting a raise for not being able to get a rise: Isn’t it? That’s a lot of money and a lot more “ouch.” Count me out.


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